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Patients’ perspectives of a pharmacist-provided clinical pharmacogenomics service: Supplementary data 1–3

posted on 2022-04-26, 08:47 authored by James L Martin, Yee Ming Lee, Lisa W Corbin, Ronald Colson, Christina L Aquilante

Aim: To assess the perspectives and experiences of patients who participated in a pharmacist-provided

clinical pharmacogenomics (PGx) service. Methods: We conducted individual semistructured interviews

with 16 patients who received a pharmacist-provided PGx service. Qualitative data were analyzed

to identify pertinent themes. Results: The major themes identified were: heterogeneity of patient

PGx experiences and preferences, pharmacists as appropriate providers of PGx services, considerations

regarding the use of PGx results in routine healthcare, and perceived applications of PGx testing.

Theme-derived considerations included the need to establish appropriate pre-genotyping expectations,

individualize patient education, facilitate collaboration with patients’ providers and sustainably update

patients’ PGx information over time. Conclusion: Patient-specific perspectives such as these are important

to consider when providing clinical PGx services, with intention of optimizing patient experiences.