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Non-culture-based studies of the appendiceal microbiota: a systematic review - Methods-Reporting-Checklist_FM

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posted on 2023-03-14, 11:18 authored by Jacob Antonsen, Matilde Winther-Jensen, Lasse T Krogsbøll, Tine Jess, Lars N Jorgensen, Kristine H Allin

Aims: To review studies examining the appendiceal microbiota and microbial changes in acute

appendicitis. Methods: After a systematic literature search, 11 studies examining the appendiceal microbiota (414 samples) using non-culture-based methods were included. Results: The appendiceal microbiota showed decreased α-diversity compared with fecal microbiota. Inflamed and uninflamed appendices showed differences in β-diversity, and there was an increased abundance of oral-associated bacteria in inflamed versus uninflamed appendices. Conclusion: The appendiceal microbiota exhibits lower α-diversity than the fecal microbiota, with an increased abundance of oral-associated bacteria. Compared with uninflamed appendices, the appendix microbiota in acute appendicitis also showed increased abundance of oral-associated bacteria, but no bacterial profile unique to either complicated or uncomplicated appendicitis was found.


This work was supported by the AP Moeller Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Science (17-L-0004), Augustinus Foundation (17-2212) and The Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF148).