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Nano drug-delivery systems for management of AIDS: liposomes, dendrimers, gold and silver nanoparticles Supplementary Dataset

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posted on 2023-04-26, 09:06 authored by Fateme Davarani Asl, Marziyeh Mousazadeh, Shirinsadat Taji, Abbas Bahmani, Patricia Khashayar, Mostafa Azimzadeh, Ebrahim Mostafavi

AIDS causes increasing mortality every year.With advancements in nanomedicine, different nanomaterials

(NMs) have been applied to treat AIDS and overcome its limitations. Among different NMs, nanoparticles

(NPs) can act as nanocarriers due to their enhanced solubility, sustained release, targeting abilities

and facilitation of drug dose reductions. This review discusses recent advancements in therapeutics for

AIDS/HIV using various NMs, mainly focused on three classifications: polymeric, liposomal and inorganic

NMs. Polymeric dendrimers, polyethylenimine-NPs, poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)-NPs, chitosan and the use

of liposomal-based delivery systems and inorganic NPs, including gold and silver NPs, are explored. Recent

advances, current challenges and future perspectives on the use of these NMs for better management of

HIV/AIDS are also discussed.


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