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Multisubcellular organelle-targeting nanoparticle for synergistic chemotherapy and photodynamic/photothermal tumor therapy - supplementary data

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posted on 2023-05-15, 10:21 authored by Guoxin Liu, Zhenfu Wen, Fengyu Liu, Yongqian Xu, Hongjuan Li, Shiguo Sun

Background: The subcellular organelle-targeting strategy has attracted wide attention for a variety

of reasons, including strong specificity, high accuracy, low dose administration and few side effects.

It is an important and challenging task to explore the multisubcellular organelle-targeting strategy

to achieve effective tumor treatment. Materials & methods: Using bovine serum albumin as a

nanoreactor, BSA/Cu/NQ/IR780/DOX nanoparticles (NPs) were constructed via drug-induced protein

self-assembly. Folic acid was then coupled to the surface of NPs to prepare folate receptortargeted

FA-BSA/Cu/NQ/IR780/DOX NPs. Results & conclusion: The FA-BSA/Cu/NQ/IR780/DOX NPs

exhibit multifunctional properties, including multisubcellular organelle-targeting, induction of response

release in the tumor microenvironment, fluorescence imaging capabilities and potential for synergistic

chemotherapy and photodynamic/photothermal tumor therapy.


National Natural Science Foundation of China, (Grant / Award Number: 'No. U1803283, 21878249, 22078049')

Key R&D Program of Hebei Province , (Grant / Award Number: '21377786D')