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Modulation of cancer-associated fibroblasts by nanodelivery system to enhance efficacy of tumor therapy - supplementary table

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posted on 2023-08-10, 10:10 authored by Wei Ai, Tianhui Liu, Changshun Lv, Xiangru Feng, Qingshuang Wang

Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) are the most common cells in the tumor stroma and are essential for tumor development and metastasis. While decreasing the release and infiltration of nanomedicine through nonspecific internalization, CAFs specifically increase solid tumor pressure and interstitial fluid pressure by secreting tumor growth- and migration-promoting cytokines, which increases vascular and organ pressure caused by solid tumor pressure. Nanoparticles have good permeability and can penetrate tumor tissue to reach the lesion area, inhibiting tumor growth. Thus, CAFs are used as modifiable targets. Here, the authors review the biological functions, origins and biomarkers of CAFs and summarize strategies for modulating CAFs in nanodelivery systems. This study provides a prospective guide to modulating CAFs to enhance oncology treatment.


Natural Science Foundation of Jilin Province, (Grant / Award Number: '201215146')

Science and Technology Development Program of Jilin Province, (Grant / Award Number: 'YDZJ202201ZYTS670')v