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Kosakonia radicincitans with hypervirulent lON genes causes human bloodstream infections - supplementary - materials

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posted on 2023-05-05, 13:54 authored by Zongyao Chen, Liangyou Tang, Chengliang Yuan, Jianfei E, Dengchao Wang, Xiao Liu, Mao Zheng, Hualiang Xiao, Shuming Jiang

Kosakonia radicincitans is a species within the new genus Kosakonia, which is typically a plant pathogen,

with rare reports of human infection. The number of human infections may be underestimated

because this new genus is under-represented among diagnostic tools. This report describes a case of

bloodstream infection caused by K. radicincitans. The pathogen was identified by matrix-assisted laser

desorption/ionization-TOF mass spectrometry and 16S rRNA gene sequencing. The hypervirulent human

pathogenicity gene LON, which has not been described before, was detected in the bacterial genome by

gene annotation. Thus, this discovery provides a new reference for studying the pathogenic mechanism

of this rare pathogen.