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Identification of host factors that bind to the 5? end of the MERS-CoV RNA genome: supplementary data

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posted on 2023-05-22, 16:34 authored by Bader Y Alhatlani, Waleed Aljabr, Fatimah S Alhamlan, Ahmad Almatroudi, Mohd Azam, Mansour Alsaleem, Khaled S Allemailem

Aim: The aim of this study was to identify host factors that interact with the 5? end of the MERS-CoV

RNA genome. Materials & methods: RNA affinity chromatography followed by mass spectrometry analysis

was used to identify the binding of host factors in Vero E6 cells. Results: A total of 59 host factors that

bound the MERS-CoV RNA genome in non-infected Vero E6 cells were identified. Most of the identified

cellular proteins were previously reported to interact with the genome of other RNA viruses.We validated

our mass spectrometry results using western blotting. Conclusion: These data enhance our knowledge

about the RNA–host interactions of coronaviruses, which could serve as targets for developing antiviral

therapeutics against MERS-CoV.


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