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IL16 and Factor V gene variations are associated with the asparaginase-related thrombosis in childhood ALL patients - Supplementary material

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posted on 2023-03-22, 10:08 authored by Covida Mootoosamy, Maria Kondyli, Sophie Annaelle Serfaty, David Etienne Tremblay, Vincent Gagné, Maite Ribere, Caroline Laverdiere, Jean-Marie Leclerc, Daniel Sinnett, Thai Hoa Tran, Maja Krajinovic

 Supplemental Table 1. Distribution of SNPs in investigated genes in entire cohort of  childhood ALL patients with and without thrombosis 

 Supplemental Table 2. Identity of polymorphisms, details of PCR and ASO  hybridization 

 Supplemental Figure 1. IL16 rs11556218 in relation to mRNA expression 


Cancer Research Society, (Grant / Award Number: 'Operating grant') Fondation Charles-Bruneau, (Grant / Award Number: 'Fonds d’Innovation Thérapeutique') Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Canada, (Grant / Award Number: 'Operating grant')