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High effectiveness of durvalumab consolidation in stage-III NSCLC: Focus on treatment selection and prognostic factors. Supplementary Tables

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posted on 2022-07-13, 11:22 authored by Wilfried E.E. Eberhardtb, Martin Stuschkea, Martin Schulerb, Clemens Aignerd, Dirk Theegarteni, Kaid Darwicheh, Hubertus Hautzelf, Ken Herrmannf, Axel Wettere, Michael Forstinge, Till Plönes, Marcel Wiesweg, Martin Metzenmacher, Cedric Richlitzkia, Thomas Gauler, Christoph Pöttgen, Nika Guberina, Maja Guberina


Supplement Table 1:      

Pre-radiotherapy   characteristics as possible confounders used for propensity score weighting   after balancing. Inverse probability weighted counts are shown for ordinal or   dichotomous data and the median of the weighted distribution is shown for   continuous variables. Counts were shown as nearest integer values.


Supplementary Table 2

Univariable   proportional hazard analysis of the covariables shown in Table 1 in the group   of patients with durvalumab or without durvalumab consolidation

CBDCA:   carboplatin