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Glatiramer acetate or IFN-β bridging therapy in women with relapsing multiple sclerosis planning a pregnancy supplementary material

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posted on 2023-06-29, 09:46 authored by Kerstin Hellwig, Sandra Thiel, Sabrina Haben, Andrea I Ciplea, Anna Kurzeja

Aim: To assess bridging glatiramer acetate (GA) or IFN-β for relapse prevention in women with relapsing

multiple sclerosis planning pregnancy. Materials & methods: Participants discontinued disease-modifying

therapies (DMTs) and received GA/IFN (early- or delayed-start) or no DMT (control) until pregnancy.

Results: Annualized relapse rate was lower in delayed-start GA/IFN cohort versus control during

washout/bridging. During washout/bridging, bridging with GA/IFN in this cohort reduced clinical activity,

while disease activity increased in controls versus baseline. Conclusion: More data on GA/IFN bridging are

needed. Women with low relapsing multiple sclerosis activity in the year prior to DMT discontinuation

due to pregnancy planning benefited from GA/IFN bridging with lower annualized relapse rate versus no

treatment and reduced clinical activity versus baseline during washout/bridging and pregnancy.


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