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Favorable role of IDH1/2 mutations aided with MGMT promoter gene methylation in the outcome of patients with malignant glioma

posted on 2020-12-14, 12:40 authored by Arshad A. Pandith, Iqbal Qasim, Shahid M. Baba, Aabid Koul, Wani Zahoor, Dil Afroze, Adil Lateef, Usma Manzoor, Ina A. Bhat, Dheera Sanadhya, Abdul R. Bhat, Altaf U. Ramzan

The implications of molecular biomarkers IDH1/2 mutations and MGMT gene promoter methylation were evaluated for prognostic outcome of glioma patients.

Methods: Glioma cases were analyzed for IDH1/2 mutations and MGMT promoter methylation by DNA sequencing and MS-PCR, respectively.

Results: Mutations found in IDH1/2 genes totalled 63.4% (N=40) wherein IDH1 mutations were significantly associated with oligidendrioglioma (p=0.005) and astrocytoma (p=0.0002). IDH1mutants presented more, 60.5% in MGMT promoter methylated cases (p=0.03). IDH1 mutant cases had better survival for GBM and oligodendrioglioma (log rank p=0.01). Multivariate analysis confirmed better survival in MGMT methylation carriers (HR: 0.59, p=0.031). Combination of both biomarkers showed better prognosis on temozolomide (p<0.05).

Conclusions: IDH1/2 mutations proved independent prognostic factors in glioma and associated with MGMT methylation for better survival.


The study was funded by Department of Science and technology, SERB division, New Delhi (NO.SB/SO/HS-036//2013).


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