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Engineering a potent boron-10-enriched polymeric nanoparticle for boron neutron capture therapy - supporting information

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posted on 2023-06-12, 11:01 authored by Wei-Jen Chan, Sasinan Bupphathong, Han-Lin Cho, Venkanagouda S Goudar, Sina Dehestani, Chi-Shiun Chiang, Fan-Gang Tseng

Background: Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) is a promising cancer treatment that eliminates

tumor cells by triggering high-energy radiation within cancer cells. Aim: In vivo evaluation of poly(vinyl

alcohol)/boric acid crosslinked nanoparticles (PVA/BA NPs) for BNCT. Materials & methods: PVA/BA NPs

were synthesized and intravenously injected into tumor-bearingmice for BNCT. Results: The in vitro boron

uptake of PVA/BA NPs in tumor cells was 70-fold higher than the required boron uptake for successful

BNCT. In an in vivo study, PVA/BA NPs showed a 44.29% reduction in tumor size compared with clinically

used boronophenylalanine for oral cancer in a murine model. Conclusion: PVA/BA NPs exhibited effective

therapeutic results for oral cancer treatments in BNCT.


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, (Grant / Award Number: 'MOST 108-3017-F-007-0032','MOST110-2221-E-007-017-MY3')

Ministry of Education, Taiwan, (Grant / Award Number: 'MOE 107QR001I5')