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Effects of hypertonic solutions on two species of human intestinal parasites during fecal examination - Supplementary Material

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posted on 2023-03-14, 16:23 authored by Vitoria C Stefano, Saulo HN Loiola, Bianca M dos Santos, Felipe Almeida Soares, Stefany L Rosa, Celso TN Suzuki, Katia DS Bresciani, Edvaldo Sabadini, Alexandre X Falcao, Jancarlo Ferreira Gomes

Aim: Ova and parasite examination by flotation requires hypertonic solutions, which can damage the

egg and cyst membranes, leading to false negatives. The authors investigated the harmful effects of

ZnSO4 and C12H22O11 solutions on the ova and parasite examination. Materials & methods: The authors

processed samples using the Three Fecal Test technique. Aliquots were floated in different pH levels,

temperatures and solution densities. Results: Densities above 1.12 g/ml led structures to collapse after 6–

10 min. pH neutralization of the ZnSO4 solution did not prevent the parasites from changing. Conclusion:

All structures were altered when standard methods were performed. To delay collapse, the parasite

floating under 5 ◦C is highly desirable.


This study was supported in part by the Coordenac¸ao de Aperfeic¸oamento de Pessoal de Nıvel Superior.