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Drivers of Physician Decision-making and Patient Perspectives Across Lines of Therapy in Multiple Myeloma in the US - Supplementary material

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posted on 2023-06-07, 09:05 authored by Amanda Ribbands, Natalie Boytsov, Abigail Bailey, Boris Gorsh, Emily Luke, Annabel Lambert


Supplementary Figure 1. Treatment regimens received by LOT


Supplementary Figure 2. Treatment patterns by LOT among patients receiving (A) monotherapy or (B) doublet regimens for MM


Supplementary Figure 3. Physician-reported treatment attributes that influenced the selection of patients’ current treatment at the time of data collection by stem cell transplant status


Supplementary Figure 4. Physician-reported most important areas for improvement in the treatment of MM at each line of therapy


Supplementary Figure 5. Physician-reported reasons for treatment cessation for their patients (A) in each LOT and (B) by stem cell transplantation status 


Supplementary Table 1. Patient demographic and clinical characteristics


Supplementary Table 2. Physician-reported reasons for selecting a particular treatment for their patients in each LOT, by practice setting and by stem cell transplant status


Supplementary Table 3. Demographics of the subset of patients who completed the patient self-completion forms and answered the question regarding the most important benefit of treatment*


GSK (209997), (Grant / Award Number)