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Discovery of reversible selective MAO-B inhibitors with anti-AChE activity derived from 4-oxo-N, 4-diphenyl butanamides - Supplementary Material

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posted on 2023-02-17, 10:56 authored by Srabanti Jana, Tania Nasreen, Sushil K. Singh


Table S1. Docking results of 4-oxo-N, 4-diphenyl butanamides against AChE, and MAOs.


Table S2. Calculated physiochemical descriptors of 4-oxo-N, 4-diphenyl butanamides using QikProp


Table S3 Compound purity by HPLC (method):


Figure S1. HPLC Chromatogram (tR, 3.007 min) of compound 6h at 250 nm.


Table S4 Permeability of nine commercial drugs used for validation of PAMPA-BBB assay


Figure S2. Linear correlation chart of experimental and literature reported permeability of commercial drugs for PAMPA-BBB assay.


Table S5. Permeability of 4-oxo-N, 4-diphenyl butanamides determined by BBB-PAMPA assay


Table S6. Cell viability and neuroprotection of synthesized compounds on SH-SY5Y cell line


1H & 13C NMR spectra of Synthesised compounds: