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Discovery of novel PRMT5 inhibitors bearing a methylpiperazinyl moiety - Supplementary Data

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posted on 2022-06-24, 08:39 authored by Xinyu Bai, Zheng Zhai, Xuyang Zhao, Ridong Li, Ling Liang, Yan Jin, Yuxin Yin

Supplementary Table S1: List of 68 selected compounds via virtual screening and bioactivity evaluation

2. Supplementary Figures:

2.1 Supplementary Figure S1: Jurkat and K-562 cell growth inhibition rates of compounds S1-S68

2.2 Supplementary Figure S2: Anti-proliferative effect of EPZ015666 on Z138 cells

2.3 Supplementary Figure S3: SDMA and PRMT5 levels in Z-138 cells treated by S43, 43b, 43g and the positive control.

2.4 Supplementary Figure S4-S22: NMR and LC-MS spectra of target compounds


National Natural Science Foundation of China, (Grant / Award Number: '31420103905','81430056','81621063') National Key Research and Development Program of China, (Grant / Award Number: '2016YFA0500302') Beijing Natural Science Foundation, (Grant / Award Number: '7161007')