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Curcumin combining temozolomide formed localized nanogel for inhibition of postsurgical chemoresistant glioblastoma

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posted on 2023-07-19, 09:29 authored by Qiong Liang, Yanhang Zhuo, Xiaoran Wu, Shihao Zheng, Jie Zhuang, Kaiyu Wang, Sunhui Chen

Aim: To investigate the use of nanoparticle (NP)-encapsulated injectable thermosensitive hydrogelformed

nanogel for inhibition of postsurgical residual temozolomide (TMZ)-resistant glioblastoma (GBM)

recurrence. Materials & methods: Curcumin (Cur) was coloaded with TMZ into PEG-PLGA NPs, then NPs

were further encapsulated into a thermosensitive hydrogel to form a nanogel, which was injected into

the resection cavity of the GBM postsurgery. Results: The prepared nanogel displayed excellent drugloading

capacity and long-term drug release. Estimated survival characteristics demonstrated that the

nanogel could play a significant role in TMZ-resistant tumor inhibition with low drug-induced toxicity.

The originally designed ratio of Cur/TMZ was sustained, making it an effective therapeutic outcome.

Conclusion: Cur-combined TMZ-formed nanogels can be a promising candidate for the local inhibition of

GBM recurrence.


Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province, (Grant / Award Number: '2022J05204')

Fujian Provincial Health Technology Project, (Grant / Award Number: '2022GGA006')