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Cs-GRP78 recognition site on Dengue virus envelope protein: in silico perspective: supplementary table

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posted on 2023-06-06, 10:25 authored by Abdo A Elfiky, Ahmed Amr, Amira Mosaad, Ahmed K Mubarak, Mohamed A Sayed, Kholoud K El-Halwany

Aim: To understand the binding of the Dengue virus (DENV) envelope and the host cell factor, GRP78.

Materials & methods: In this study, we simulate the binding of the DENV envelope against GRP78

using structural bioinformatics tools. Results: The sequence similarity of the DENV envelope C3–C30

and C302–C333 regions against the Pep42 cyclic peptide suggest these regions are possible recognition

sites for GRP78. C3–C30 has a more similar grand average hydrophobicity index to that of Pep42 and a

more negative binding affinity toward GRP78. Conclusion: We predict this region (C3–C30) of the DENV

envelope to be the recognition site of GRP78. Further experimental validation will be important to future



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