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Comparison of pharmacokinetic study profiles of insulin in rat plasma through conventional sampling and microsampling by micro-LC–MS/MS: supplementary materials

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posted on 2023-04-14, 15:31 authored by Gaudry Bruno Troche, Tue Søeborg, Thora Brynja Bodvarsdottir, Mads Bjelke, Nikoline Juul Nielsen

Aim: With microsamples of blood, full pharmacokinetic profiles from individual animals can be obtained as

an alternative to the sparse-sampling approach, where conventional volume samples from several animals

are required. However, microsamples require assays that are more sensitive. Methods: The sensitivity of

the LC–MS assay was increased 47-fold using microflow LC–MS. Results & conclusion: By analyzing both

microsamples and conventional samples from the same animals, it is demonstrated that sparse-sampling

profiles can be nonrepresentative of the full profiles. This bias can affect the tested treatment by increasing

or reducing its apparent effect. Microsampling enables unbiased results compared with sparse-sampling.

An increase in assay sensitivity to balance the low sample volumes was achievable by microflow LC–MS.


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