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CER-2021-0131 Supplementary Materials: Comparative effectiveness analysis between entrectinib clinical trial and crizotinib real-world data in ROS1+ NSCLC

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posted on 2022-03-17, 11:59 authored by Robert C Doebele, Laura Perez, Huong Trinh, Michael Martinec, Reynaldo Martina, Todd Riehl, Matthew G Krebs, Neal J Meropol, William B Wong, Gracy Crane
Supplementary Materials
o Censoring
o Statistical methods
o Sensitivity analyses
o Unadjusted results
o Propensity score
Supplementary Tables 1-7
o Supplementary Table 1. Censoring rules for TTD, PFS, and OS.
o Supplementary Table 2. Propensity score matching.
o Supplementary Table 3. Comparison of results of the Cox pro-portional hazard model using BICR or investigator-assessed progression in the trial.
o Supplementary Table 4. Landmark analyses at 1 and 3 months for TTD and PFS.
o Supplementary Table 5. Sensitivity analysis of the TTD.
o Supplementary Table 6. Subgroup analysis by CNS status: unad-justed TTD and PFS.
o Supplementary Table 7. Multivariate Cox model of treatment effect by CNS status.
Supplementary Figure 1. Swimmer plot of patients receiving treatment beyond progression (TBP) in the crizotinib cohort (37 out of 65 patients received TBP).


This study was funded and conducted by F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd