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Bioanalytical LC–MS/MS method for simultaneous estimation of atorvastatin, its major active metabolites and ezetimibe: supplementary data

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posted on 2023-01-09, 10:45 authored by Ehab F Elkady, Bushra M Jaadan, Elsayed Ramadan, Ayman Abo Elmaaty

Background: Hyperlipidemia is one of the most common chronic diseases encountered globally, and

atorvastatin (ATV) is mainly metabolized into two major active metabolites. Methodology: Hence, we

aimed to estimate ATV and ezetimibe (EZE) simultaneously in the presence of ATV major and active

metabolites using a validated LC–MS/MS method. Conclusion: The proposed method was linear (r2 >0.99),

accurate (92.02–109.94%) and precise (CV% ≤14) over the concentration range of 0.50–120 ng/ml, 0.20–

48 ng/ml, 0.50–120 ng/ml and 0.20–48 ng/ml for ATV, EZE, 2-hydroxy ATV and 4-hydroxy ATV, respectively.

The applied liquid–liquid extraction gave rise to reliable extraction recoveries of 84.91 ± 1.14%,

85.20 ± 1.62%, 85.46 ± 0.41% and 105.46 ± 2.35% for ATV, EZE, 2-hydroxy ATV and 4-hydroxy ATV,



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