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Analysis of the antifungal potential of Macrocybe titans extract against Candida albicans - Supplementary material

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posted on 2023-05-11, 14:31 authored by Fernanda CBN Pereira, Gabrielle C Peiter, Vivian EMS Justo, Gabrieli M Huff, Pollyanna CV Conrado, Mauro AP da Silva, Patr´ıcia S Bonfim-Mendonca, Terezinha IE Svidzinski, Fabio R Rosado, Adriana Fiorini

Aim: To investigate the antifungal potential of Macrocybe titans extracts against Candida albicans.

Material & methods: Extracts were obtained as aqueous (EfraMat-22 and EfraMat-45) and methanolic/ethyl acetate fractions. Results: Broth microdilution and disk diffusion assays showed that EfraMat-45 provided the best results in terms of minimum inhibitory concentration. Scanning electron microscopy analysis revealed morphological changes and slight damage on the surfaces of cells exposed to EfraMat-45 at the MIC. Fluorescence microscopy analysis of the yeasts showed cell elongation. EfraMat-45 presented high levels of phenolic compounds and flavonoids, high antioxidant activity and absence of in vitro cytotoxicity. Conclusion: The results indicated that the aqueous extract of M. titans is highly promising as an antifungal agent.