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3D-printed short arm casts: reliability, validity, feasibility compared with conventional waterproof fiberglass casts: Supplementary material 1

posted on 2022-10-17, 16:56 authored by Joseph Smith, Nicholas DePhillipo, Shannon David, Katelyn Nicolay, Sofia Wentz, Abby Steckler, Connor Westberg

Aim: To evaluate the reliability, validity, and feasibility of 3D-printed short arm casts (SACs) versus

conventional casts. Methods: Three raters of varying experience applied two conventional and two 3Dprinted

casts to a participant’s dominant wrist to evaluate reliability. Each cast was worn for 24 hours and

removed the following day after data collection. Results & conclusion: ICCs demonstrated ‘excellent’ intrarater

reliability for clinical effectiveness and patient satisfaction. There were no significant differences

between fiberglass and 3D-printed SACs. The 3D-printed SAC group had significantly higherwrist function

compared with the fiberglass SAC group. Discussion: This pilot case study demonstrates that 3D-printed

short arm casts may be a valid immobilization technique of the wrist compared with conventional

waterproof fiberglass casting.


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