Intratracheal aerosolization of viral vectors to newborn pig airways - Supplemental Protocol and Methods

2020-03-06T15:35:28Z (GMT) by Ashley L. Cooney Patrick L. Sinn

Supplementary Protocol. Intratracheal aerosolization of viral vectors to newborn pig airways.

Supplemental Protocol and Methods for stepwise protocol.

Article Abstract: Gene therapy for airway diseases requires efficient delivery of nucleic acids to the airways. In small animal models, gene delivery reagents are commonly delivered as a bolus dose. However, large animal models are often more relevant for transition from preclinical studies to human trials. Aerosolizing viral vectors to the lungs of large animals can maximize anatomical distribution. Here we describe a technique for aerosolization of viral vectors to the airways of newborn pigs. Briefly, a pig is anesthetized, intubated with an endotracheal tube, and a microsprayer is passed through the endotracheal tube. A fine mist is then sprayed into the distal trachea. Widespread and uniform distribution of transgene expression is critical for developing successful lung gene therapy treatments.